Android 1.0 r1

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Android 1.0 r1
Build of Android 1.x
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Android 1.0 r1 is the first stable version of Android released on 2008-09-23. The first device to use it was the HTC Dream. It still has Dev Tools and a new program called API Tools.


  • Android Market
  • Web Browser that supports HTML and XHTML, while supporting multiple pages known as "cards"
  • Camera Support, but lacked the option to change the resolution
  • Folders allowing the grouping of a number of application icons into a single folder icon on the Home screen
  • Google Contacts syncing with the People application
  • Google Calendar syncing with the Calendar application
  • Google Maps with Street View to view maps and satellite images, and GPS support.
  • Google Search allowing users to search the Internet and phone applications, contacts, calendar, etc.
  • Google Talk instant messaging
  • Instant and text messaging, and MMS support
  • Media Player, enabling management, importing, and playback of media files, however, this version lacked video and stereo Bluetooth support
  • Notifications appear in the Status bar, with options to set ringtone, LED or vibration alerts
  • Voice Dialer allows dialing and placing of phone calls without typing a name or number
  • Wallpaper allows the user to set the background image or photo behind the Home screen icons and widgets
  • A YouTube Video Player
  • Other apps such as Alarm Clock, Calculator, Dialer (Phone), Home screen (Launcher), and Pictures (Gallery).
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Support