Windows XP build 3790.1069

Build of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
OS family
Timebomb+360 days after original install date
Works inQEMU
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Windows XP Professional x64 Edition build 3790.1069 is the earliest available build of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. This build is based on the Server 2003 version and thus has the Windows Classic theme with no background (Luna theme is absent in this build). Due to its earliness, this build still identifies itself as its Itanium-based counterpart.

This build was compiled in evaluation mode and can be installed on the current date.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Applications[edit | edit source]

The 32-bit versions of both Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player do not work.

Installation[edit | edit source]

This build must be installed on an AMD processor as attempting to install it on an 64-bit Intel processor will result in a bugcheck. QEMU, VMware, and VirtualBox are known to install this build, although it is recommended to use an AMD CPU on the host for the latter two to prevent the aforementioned bugcheck. If you are using Intel CPU, you must add the following content to the VMware configuration file (.vmx) to bypass the error:

cpuid.0.ebx = "0110:1000:0111:0100:0111:0101:0100:0001"
cpuid.0.ecx = "0100:0100:0100:1101:0100:0001:0110:0011"
cpuid.0.edx = "0110:1001:0111:0100:0110:1110:0110:0101"

SysFader[edit | edit source]

The SysFader effects in this build can cause Explorer and other applications to hang when displaying menus. A workaround is to either disable the fade effects or use the scroll animation in place of the fade.

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Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]