Windows XP build 2222

Build of Windows XP
OS familyWindows NT
Version number5.1
Build number2222
Build revision1
Build labLab06_N
Compiled on2000-04-07

Windows XP build 2222 is a build of Windows XP. It remains unleaked, though it's confirmed to exist, as some file information from later builds (in particular 2223 and 2250) refers to this build. It said that a new login screensaver was to be implemented. Some screenshots of this build were also posted in PC Watch's article "Microsoft Announces the Outline of Next-Generation Windows "Whistler" in 2001" where it was stated it was presented at WinHEC 2000.[1]

This build already uses the newer "Windows Whistler Professional" product name in the watermark instead of "Whistler Windows 2001 Professional" as seen in build 2211. It is the earliest known build to update the kernel version to 5.1.

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