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Windows Me build 3000 is the RTM build of Windows Me. It was released to manufacturing on 19 June 2000[1] and was generally available on 14 September 2000. This build is the last known Windows 9x build released, meaning the end of Microsoft's line of 16/32-bit hybrid operating systems since Windows 95.

Windows Me was generally perceived as unstable and buggy. This particular build, even though it was the official release, can still feel unstable and can crash easily, especially on newer hardware. Using PCem, 86Box, VARCem, or Microsoft Virtual PC is recommended for a smooth experience.

Neptune reference[edit | edit source]

A file named ICMCUI.DLL, with the version number 5.50.5117.1 was found in this Windows Me build, but it is unknown whether this Neptune build ever existed.

Some speculate this would've been a Milestone 2 build. It would've been compiled someday after 11 December 1999, meaning it would be one of the last Neptune builds before the Neptune project was canceled in January 2000.

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