Windows 98 build 1518

Build of Windows 98
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Timebomb1997-12-31 (+205 days)
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Windows 98 build 1518 is a build of Windows 98. This is the last build to not include the Active Desktop update bundled with Internet Explorer 4.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • This build fixes a few Control Panel applets.
  • A shortcut to the Memphis Helpdesk has been added to the Start menu.
  • "Outlook Express News" has been removed from the Start menu and "Outlook Express Mail" is now simply named "Outlook Express".
  • This is the first build to no longer report "Starting Memphis..." before the boot screen will pop up.
  • The Internet Explorer 4 splash screen no longer shows the icons for Microsoft Chat and NetMeeting.

Gallery[edit | edit source]