Windows 10 build 21337.1000

Build of Cobalt
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Architecturex86, x64, ARM64
Timebomb2021-10-31 (+233 days)
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Windows 10 build 21337.1000 is the eleventh Insider Preview build of Cobalt, the 21H2 development semester of Windows as a service. This build was released on 17 March 2021 to all Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Virtual desktop enhancements[edit | edit source]

Virtual desktops can now be rearranged from Task View (⊞ Win+Tab ↹) by either dragging and dropping in the desired place, using the new option in the right click menu to move it one space, or using the Alt+⇧ Shift+Left/Right hotkey. Desktop backgrounds can now also be chosen individually for each desktop, much like in early Windows Longhorn builds, by right clicking the desired background in the background section in Settings under Personalization → Background and choosing the desktop in the context menu.

Settings changes[edit | edit source]

The "Text captions" section under Ease of Access → Hearing has been renamed to simply "Captions". In addition, customizing caption styles has been improved by presenting a single dropdown menu to select default schemes and migrating all options to create new ones into their own page.

The options to show the Windows Ink Workspace, Search, Task View, and touch keyboard buttons in the taskbar have been moved from the right click menu on it to Settings → Personalization → Taskbar. This change, however, would be reverted in build 21354.

Inbox apps updates[edit | edit source]

Notepad has been replaced by the Microsoft Store version in this build as an inbox app, which allows it to receive future changes independently from the operating system. The new version also has a new icon and a new about dialog. Much like with WordPad, the old executables in C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32 now just open the Store version if it is present.

Windows Terminal has been added as an inbox app for both upgrades and clean installations. It is a modern terminal app, which is more a skin to terminal emulators on other platforms and which is intended to replace the built-in console experience. Power Automate Desktop has also been added, which allows to automate web and desktop applications on your Windows desktop by allowing to create macros to mimicking user interface actions like clicks, and keyboard input. However, it is not available in ARM devices yet.

Other[edit | edit source]

  • By default, the File Explorer now uses greater padding for list items, which is intended to bring consistency with XAML experiences and improve usability in touchscreens without having to enable tablet mode first. The previous behavior can be restored by enabling the "Use compact mode" option in the Folder Options control panel applet.
  • A preview of Auto HDR has been added, which improves the gaming experience in HDR-capable PCs by delivering HDR visuals on DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games. This feature can be enabled from Settings → System → Display → Windows HD Color Settings.
  • The new IME candidate window design introduced in build 21313 has been rolled out to all Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel for the Japanese, Chinese Traditional, and Indic IMEs.
  • Emoji search in the new emoji picker now supports the Amharic, Belarus, Cherokee, Filipino, Faroese, Icelandic, Khmer, Mongolian (Cyrillic script), Burmese, Sindhi, Serbian (Cyrillic script), Serbian (Latin script), Swahili, Thai, Turkmen, Tonga, Uzbek (Latin script), and Cantonese (Traditional) languages.
  • Live previews for pinned Microsoft Edge websites to the taskbar are now rolling out to all Windows Insiders on the Dev Channel.
  • The ability to use a Windows Spotlight background as the desktop wallpaper has been added, but locked behind velocity.[1]

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The update process to this build has a chance of hanging for extended periods of time.
  • Some devices with version of the Realtek network adapter driver might experience intermittent losses of network connectivity.
  • On some high-refresh monitors, games will be limited to 60Hz while users with variable-refresh-rate monitors may experience tearing issues.
  • Certain NVMe drives may result in disk resets, causing system lockups and poor system performance or may cause an WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR bugcheck.
  • The option to discard changes in custom caption styles is not working in this build.

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