Windows 10 build 10525

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Build of Windows 10 version 1511
OS family
Architecturex86, x64
Timebomb2016-07-15 (+338 days)
Works in
Single Language
Use a Windows 10 Retail serial
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Windows 10 build 10525 is a build of Windows 10 November Update. This build is the first post-RTM Windows 10 build to be released by Microsoft to Windows Insiders. It was available for Windows Insiders on the Fast ring on 18 August 2015. It is also the first Threshold Wave 2 preview release. This build is also the first preview build to come at the very beginning of a fresh development cycle. This build is very much a baseline for further changes. Strangely, the "About Windows" branding in this build is reverted back to the "Windows" text used in builds 9821 to 10166.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • A low-level change to the memory manager. When memory pressure is detected, compression is used to attempt to alleviate this pressure, thereby relegating paging to the "Last Resort" basket.
  • The return of color to window title bars, given the application doesn't use a custom title bar (Win32 apps) or doesn't change title bar color via ApplicationView.TitleBar (UWP apps).

Bugs and leftovers[edit | edit source]

Some copies of this build use the Windows 8 branding (used in both 8 and 8.1) instead of just the "Windows" branding used in builds 9821 to 10166.

Gallery[edit | edit source]