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This infobox provides essential information on distributions of Linux.

Usage[edit source]

Distribution of Linux
Latest versionManjaro 18.1
Initial release2011-07-10
User interfaceKDE, GNOME, XFCE
Based on
Arch Linux

The following code will result in the infobox to the right side:

{{ Infobox Linux distribution
 |name = Manjaro
 |image = Manjaro-18.1.0-pre1-Desktop.png
 |arch = x86_64
 |releasedate = 2011-07-10
 |based-on = [[Arch Linux]]
 |latestbuild = [[Manjaro 18.1]]

name[edit source]

The marketing name for the particular Linux Distribution.

arch[edit source]

A listing of architectures supported by the particular Linux release.

latestbuild[edit source]

Link to the latest version of the particular Linux distribution.

releasedate[edit source]

The original release date of the particular Linux distribution, e.g. 2004-10-20 for Ubuntu.

based-on[edit source]

Use this to link to the distribution of Linux that this particular distro is based on.

ui[edit source]

The default desktop environment(s) shipped with the distribution.