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Redlock running on Windows 8 build 8056
Developer(s)lucasm and gus33000
Operating systemWindows 8 builds from build 7779 to build 8121
Supported platforms
Initial release version
Initial release date
Latest release version2020.12.31.86-9
Latest release date2020-12-31
Latest pre-release version
Latest pre-release date
Other names
WebsiteRedlock download link

Redlock is a tool developed by BetaWiki members and software developers lucasm and gus33000. The initial version was released on 29 January 2020. Its main goal is to replicate Microsoft's original Redpill implementation as closely as possible. Unlike the other enablers (RedPill Enabler and Metro Unlocker), the installer is completely text-based and written in C#.

While the practice of disabling the Software Protection Service is still present, it differs in a multitude of areas. To keep the footprint minimal, the tool ships with only one shsxs.dll per architecture. The DLL's contents as well as registry and file tweaks performed upon installation are tailored on the fly, greatly improving compatibility. DISM is used to install the Immersive Browser. Unlike other unlockers, Redlock's shsxs.dll has been built from scratch and is available as an open-source project.[1] Prior to this tool's release, it was common to borrow the one found in Windows Developer Preview.

To demonstrate the accent capabilities of various early builds, it includes a copy of the Windows Developer Preview accent modified in order to be colorizable on builds that support it. Redlock is notable for being the first Redpill tool to include support for builds before 7927.

Compared to the previous third party tools, Redlock has become the preferred tool for unlocking Metro due to its compact size, broader compatibility, and cleaner method of enabling the features.

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