RedPill Enabler

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RedPill Enabler
MDL RedPill Enabler Icon.png
RedPill Enabler.png
The RedPill Enabler running on Windows 8 build 7927
Operating systemWindows 8 builds 7927 to 8056
Latest version1.4.0.1
Released on2011-06-17
WebsiteThe thread on MDL

RedPill Enabler (also known as the MDL Redpill Enabler after the forum where it was first published on) was the one of the first public applications meant to enable features restricted by Redpill. It was developed by Vizion, a member of the My Digital Life forum, and was initially released on 17 June 2011.

It works by replacing slc.dll, the Software Licensing Client DLL, with a modified one that returns desired Redpill values when prompted. Due to certain queries being moved from SLC into the kernel in Windows 8, this approach failed to work as a patch for the entire system. It also includes a set of icons for the ribbon explorer to replace the placeholder ones that some builds used and a copy of the new Task Manager from build 7971. The tool also lets users pre-unlock Windows images, simply by pointing it to a build's install.wim file.

RedPill Enabler has faced a variety of criticism over the time. Complaints include the code being poorly written, obfuscated, slow, as well as using replacement resources of dubious origin.