Microsoft Visual Studio

Not to be confused with Visual Studio Code.
Microsoft Visual Studio
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Operating system
Supported platforms
Initial release versionVisual Studio 97
Initial release date1997
Latest release versionVisual Studio 2022 (17.1.32328.378)
Latest release date31 March 2022
Latest preview release version
Latest preview release date
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Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE), created and developed by Microsoft. It is used to develop Win32, WinForms, WPF, UWP and Silverlight apps. It was launched to bundle existing programming environments from Microsoft, such as Visual C++, J++, Basic and FoxPro.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Versions of Microsoft Visual Studio
Name Codename Release date
Visual Studio 97 Boston 1997-03-19
Visual Studio 6.0 Aspen 1998-09-02
Visual Studio .NET Rainier 2002-02-13
Visual Studio .NET 2003 Everett 2003-04-24
Visual Studio 2005 Whidbey 2005-11-07
Visual Studio 2008 Orcas 2007-11-19
Visual Studio 2010 Dev10 2010-04-12
Visual Studio 2012 Dev11 2012-09-12
Visual Studio 2013 Dev12 2013-10-17
Visual Studio 2015 Dev14 2015-07-20
Visual Studio 2017 Dev15 2017-03-07
Visual Studio 2019 Dev16 2019-04-02
Visual Studio 2022 Dev17 2021-11-08