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Visual Studio 2015
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Visual Studio 2015 (codenamed Dev14) is the tenth major release of Visual Studio, released on 20 July 2015. It replaces legacy .NET compilers with "Roslyn", which also introduces code suggestions. It also supports JSON files and can grab a schema list from Schema Store. It also replaces the previous Visual Studio editions, apart from Community, with Professional and Enterprise. It is the last version to work on Windows 8.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Roslyn[edit | edit source]

Thanks to Roslyn, Visual Studio 2015 shows code refactoring suggestions

This release, in favor of replacing legacy .NET compilers, introduces Roslyn; an open-source .NET compiler. With this change also comes code refactoring suggestions, which can be anything from code refactors to unused declarations.

JSON editor[edit | edit source]

This release also introduces native JSON support, including JSON schemas from Schema Store.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Version 13 was skipped due to triskaidekaphobia concerns.

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