Visual Studio 97

Visual Studio 97
Version of Visual Studio
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Latest build5.0.7022.0
Support end2003-06-30
Replaced by
Visual Studio 6.0

Visual Studio 97 (codenamed Boston) is the first major release of Visual Studio, released on 19 March 1997. This release bundles the existing Microsoft development environments, such as Visual Basic, C++, J++, or FoxPro.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Developer Studio[edit | edit source]

This release introduces Developer Studio, the common development environment, where the developer could interact with C++, Web, J++ or FoxPro applications and projects.

Visual InterDev[edit | edit source]

This release also introduces Visual InterDev, which was primarily used to create Web applications.

Visual Basic[edit | edit source]

Visual Basic now supports compiling native code, and ActiveX controls.

Visual FoxPro[edit | edit source]

Visual FoxPro now supports object-oriented programming, to visually develop highly-maintainable code. It also supports moving tables and databases to Oracle servers.

Visual J++[edit | edit source]

This release also introduces Visual J++, a way to develop and test Java applets and applications.

List of known builds[edit | edit source]

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