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Microsoft Cairo build 1175.1 is a late build of Microsoft Cairo, based on the core of Windows NT 4.0 build 1175.1. This build was leaked by The Distractor on BetaArchive on 17 March 2017.

It has some differences from the regular SUR build:

  • Cairo OFS (Object File System) support
  • Cairo Domains support
  • Updated Setup wizard
  • Updated login screen
  • Additional Cairo components

Installation[edit | edit source]

Virtualization[edit | edit source]

This build can be installed with PCem, 86Box, VirtualBox, or VMware. VM compatibility should target Windows NT 4.0. Installing the build with NTFS or FAT is recommended, as booting from OFS will cause it to hang. DM domain should also be installed, otherwise it will be nearly impossible to log in. Logging in uses the same username and password used during setup.

When you log in, the first time you load explorer.exe, you must use Ctrl+Alt+Del and log off, since each time Explorer first loads, it will hang loading. You can then log in again normally. Most functions in Explorer such as changing the background can cause Explorer to hang and force you to log out and back in again to regain control.

More info on how to install here.

Build differences[edit | edit source]

The I386 folder contains IDW, DUMP and MSTOOLS folders as well as compiler-output file CHKFILE.BLD listing checksums for each file. This proves this build came directly from MS build servers at the time. CHKFILE.BLD also proves Cairo components were built seperately (to a CAIRO folder) and then copied over the base build, something that happened again with Neptune four years later.

This build contains an additional disk utility, REPART.EXE, intended for OFS partitions. It triggers a bug in the Option ROM of the NCR 810 SCSI controller on some systems (all-caps strings warn against its use on unknown Dell systems of the era), leading to an unbootable system if used on the boot drive.

Gallery[edit | edit source]