Microsoft Cairo build 1175

Not to be confused with Windows NT 4.0 build 1175.
Build of Microsoft Cairo
Compiled on1995-12-01
Base build
Windows NT 4.0 build 1175.1
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Microsoft Cairo build 1175 is a late build of Microsoft Cairo, based on the core of Windows NT 4.0 build 1175. This build was uploaded to BetaArchive on 17 March 2017, but was originally uploaded to warez BBSes by Dark Lord of warez group PWA on 5 December 1995. Due to having IDW, DUMP and MSTOOLS folders in the I386 directory of the installation media as well as compiler-output file CHKFILE.BLD listing checksums for each file, this build came directly from MS build servers at the time. The build notably integrates Cairo Object File System support into the build, alongside some updated components for Cairo, such as domain support and an updated login screen.

CHKFILE.BLD also proves Cairo components were built separately (to a CAIRO folder) and then copied over the base build, something that happened again with Neptune four years later.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

Shell features[edit | edit source]

  • The Object File System is implemented in this build (under the file OFS.SYS). It is the largest file in this build and is prone to instability due to its incompleteness.
  • This build notably contains a completely revamped login screen, which shows the Ctrl+Alt+Del shortcut to login in a graphical appearance.

Application features[edit | edit source]

  • This build contains an additional disk utility (REPART.EXE) intended for OFS partitions.
  • Summary Catalog Client (SCTOOL.EXE) is included to create summary catalogs.
  • Replication Metadata Analyzer 2.0 (REPLANAL.EXE) is added and functions similarly to the Summary Catalog Client.
  • A SINGLE utility is included (SINGLE.EXE), but its function is unknown.

Setup features[edit | edit source]

  • During the start of network setup, the setup will ask for a drive to format to OFS.
  • Near the end of the setup, it will ask the user to choose whether to install a Domain Controller or Server. If Domain Controller is selected, the user can choose to install FirstDC as the domain controller type.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

  • REPART.EXE triggers a bug in the Option ROM of the NCR 810 SCSI controller on some systems (all-caps strings warn against its use on unknown Dell systems of the era), leading to an unbootable system if used on the boot drive.
  • When viewing a folder which contains font files, such as the i386 installation folder, these are rendered as Fonts system folder, hiding all other file types contained.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • This build requires two FAT16 partitions before starting the GUI setup, as network setup will require a partition to format to OFS. Attempting to install without an OFS partition may result in the setup refusing to continue or a system crash upon rebooting after the GUI setup. If the bootloader is on an OFS partition, the build will hang on boot.
  • The setup itself is started under MS-DOS via command winnt /B. Users of a Windows 95 (or later) boot disk with CD-ROM support might need to enter the command lock first and confirm the question with Y, to enable direct disk access for the NT setup, otherwise it will fail.
  • It is suggested to use the machine name mikeke33 and username mikeke wherever asked to avoid issues during the login.
  • On the Primary Domain Controller dialog, you must press Alt+F4 to close the window as it is impossible to get past it due to an "Unable to update local security in order to join domain" error.
  • Also during setup, you can choose to install Domain Controller (DC) or Server on the Select Cairo Install Type. You should select Domain Controller and then FirstDC as the domain controller type - leave the domain and OU name unchanged.
  • After the installation finishes and you are ready to log into the system, use the username entered during setup (as suggested mikeke) for both the username and password. If you installed the Domain Controller, leave the "From" section as it is (\msft\redmond\bsd\dev\), otherwise (installed as Server) use the computer name (as suggested mikeke33) entered during setup.
  • During domain controller initialization, the system may bugcheck with UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP. Just restart and try logging in again.

More info on how to install in the BetaArchive forum.

Windows Explorer[edit | edit source]

The first time you load EXPLORER.EXE respectively login on each boot, you must use Ctrl+Alt+Del and log off again, since each time Explorer loads for the first time after startup, it will hang loading.

You can then log in again normally and NT Explorer should load. However, functions in Explorer such as changing the background, regional options or Plus! settings can cause it to hang randomly and force you to log out and back in again to regain control due to the yet very limited Task List capabilities of this build.

File differences[edit | edit source]

The following files have been introduced compared to SUR build 1175.1:

Added files
Name Description Version
accctrl.dll OLE ACL control 4.00
account.dll DS Object Security Code 4.00
alertsys.dll DFS Administrator 4.00
alertsys.exe Alert System Service 4.00
autocmpt.exe FAT Compaction Utility 4.00
autorprt.exe FAT Repart Utility 4.00
cairostd.exe DSYS Standalone Workstation Setup 4.00
cidaemon.exe OFS CI filter daemon 4.00
cifilter.exe OFS CI filter service 4.00
cnvntfs.dll NTFS File System Conversion Utility DLL 4.00
conexts.dll CONSOLE Symbolic Debugger Extensions 4.00
cxxflt.dll OFS CI C++ filter 4.00
dfs.sys Windows NT Distributed File System Driver 4.00
dfsadmin.exe DFS Administrator 4.00
dfsinstr.dll Windows NT Dfs Performance Monitor Extension 4.00
dfsprov.dll Windows NT Distributed File System MPR Provider 4.00
dfsshare.exe Windows NT Dfs Share Utility 4.00
dfsui.dll DFS Administrator 4.00
dsmail.dll DS Object Backend Mail OLE Server Code 4.00
dsmgr.exe DS Manager Tool 4.00
dsobjs.dll DS Object Frontend OLE Server Code 4.00
dsrepl.exe Windows NT Replication DSREPL Utility 4.00
dssrv.dll DS Object Backend OLE Server Code 4.00
dsui.dll DS Object UI Components 4.00
dsys.dll DSYS Common Code 4.00
dsyssvr.exe DS Object Backend OLE Server 4.00
fatcmpct.exe FAT Compaction Utility 4.00
gctool.exe Windows NT Global Catalog Utility 4.00
joindom.exe DSYS Tool to Join a Workstation to a Cairo Domain 4.00
joinrset.exe Windows NT Replication JOINRSET Utility 4.00
kdc.exe Security Service Controller 4.00
kdcsvc.dll KDC Service 4.00
kerberos.dll Kerberos Security Package 4.00
logobj.exe Alert Log Object 4.00
logui.exe Alert Log Viewer 4.00
makedc.exe DSYS Domain Controller Setup 4.00
mkrcon.exe Windows NT Replication MKRCON Utility 4.00
mkrobj.exe Windows NT Replication MKROBJ Utility 4.00
mkrset.exe Windows NT Replication MKRSET Utility 4.00
ntlm.dll Windows NT NTLM Security Package 4.00
ofs.sys Da' real OFS driver 4.00
ofscnvt.exe FAT To OFS Conversion Utility 4.00
ofsutil.dll OFS Utility DLL 4.00
ora.dll Windows NT Cairo OFS ReplStore 4.00
oramon.dll Windows NT CairoOra Perfmon DLL 4.00
orasvc.exe Windows NT Cairo Replication Service 4.00
query.dll OFS query and content indexing library 4.00
repart.exe FAT Repartitioning Utility 4.00
repl.exe Windows NT Replication REPL Utility 4.00
samlsa.dll Windows NT SAM and LSA server 4.00
sccfa.dll Inso Corp. File Access DLL for iFilter 4.00
sccfi.dll Inso Corp. File Identification DLL for iFilter 4.00
sccifilt.dll Inso Corp. iFilter DLL 4.00
sccut.dll Inso Corp. Utility DLL for iFilter 4.00
sctool.exe Windows NT Summary Catalog Client 4.00
single.exe Windows NT Replication SINGLE Utility 4.00
smctrls.dll Windows NT System Management Controls 4.00
spmgr.exe Security Package Manager 4.00
sumcat.dll Windows NT Summary Catalog 4.00
symhelp.dll Windows NT Symbol Helper 4.00
ulibif.dll ULIB Interface DLL 4.00
uofs.dll Ofs Utilities Dll 4.00

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