MS-DOS 8.00

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MS-DOS 8.00
Version of MS-DOS
MS-DOS 8.00.png
MS-DOS 8.00 booting from drive C.
Release date2000-09
MS-DOS 7.10

MS-DOS 8.00 is the latest version of MS-DOS. This version of MS-DOS was never released as a standalone product but it is DOS part of Windows ME. Windows XP to Windows 8.1 still support the creation of Emergency Boot Disks with this version of MS-DOS, however the feature was removed in Windows 10 meaning the support of MS-DOS has ceased completely. The latest version of MS-DOS 8.00 was found in Windows 8.1 dated 2005-04. It is no longer possible to boot into Real Mode without modification to IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM.

This version of MS-DOS is crippled but relatively easy to obtain compared to MS-DOS 7.00 and MS-DOS 7.10. The simplest way to obtain unmodified MS-DOS 8.00 is from diskcopy.dll in later versions of Windows.