Not to be confused with Multitasking MS-DOS 4.
Version of MS-DOS
Preliminary nameMS-DOS 3.40
Release date1988-07
Replaced by

MS-DOS 4 is a family of versions of MS-DOS, initially released in July 1988.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • Support for EGA and VGA display adapters.
  • Support for FAT16 partitions larger than 32 MB.
  • Support for the LIM / EMS standard (driver EMM386.SYS, access to additional memory on 386-based systems and higher), which allowed individual parts of the operating system to load into additional memory.
  • Drastic improvements in functionality with the Select installation program. It now automatically creates the appropriate CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files.
  • The introduction of a new MEM command, which allows users to analyze the current memory configuration.
  • Four countries were added in the list of supported regions.
  • Graphic printing was added.
  • Various new features in existing commands, which includes: TREE, DELETE, MODE, APPEND, FASTOPEN, NLSPUNC, ATTRIB, FDISK, REPLACE, BACKUP, GRAFTABL, SELECT, COUNTRY, GRAPHICS.
  • Improved system drivers, including: ANSI.SYS, DRIVER.SYS, DISPLAY.SYS, PRINTER.SYS.
  • MS-DOS shell was added.
  • The SELECT program for setting up DOS on a hard disk has been transformed into a full-fledged setup wizard. Keyboard layout and install directory are now specified inside of the wizard rather than as parameters specified for SELECT.

History[edit | edit source]

Initially, the project was named "MS-DOS 3.40", and under this name was mentioned in the 1988-09 issue of Serbian computer magazine "Svet Kompjutera",[1] as well as in a contract between Microsoft and Zenith Data Systems from August 1987.[2]

MS-DOS 4.00 was released in July 1988, only to be replaced by MS-DOS 4.01 in November 1988 due to major bugs in the shell and in the memory management system. MS-DOS 4.02 was also mentioned in an antitrust document called PX05132, however, if existing, it is yet to be found.[3]

List of known OEM releases[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 4.00[edit | edit source]

  • RM Nimbus
  • Sampo

MS-DOS 4.01[edit | edit source]

  • AGI
  • Amstrad
  • AST
  • Bondwell
  • Emerson
  • HP
  • Inves
  • Mitac
  • Olivetti
  • Packard Bell
  • Philips
  • Phoenix
  • RM Nimbus
  • Sharp
  • Trigem
  • Tulip
  • Twinhead
  • Zenith

MS-DOS 4.01a[edit | edit source]

  • Nokia
  • Victor

MS-DOS 4.01d[edit | edit source]

  • Compaq

References[edit | edit source]