Windows 95 build 189

Build of Windows 95
Release nameBeta 1.4
OS familyWindows 9x
Version number4.00
Build number189
Compiled on1994-09-21
Product key
Beta Site ID101907
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Windows 95 build 189 is the official Beta 1.4 release of Windows 95. It is the earliest available build to use the new Windows 95 branding.

Screenshots of a supposed Brazilian Portuguese version of this build were shared by Battler on 27 January 2023.[1]

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Setup after the reboot now uses SETUP.BMP as wallpaper. In this build, the bitmap is darker than in other builds. There are also some strings which have been changed compared to build 180.
  • Display Properties no longer has text boxes above the "Wallpaper" and "Pattern" sections in the "Background" tab.
  • "Check Hard Disk" has been renamed to ScanDisk.
  • Several minor changes to Windows Help.
  • Welcome app has been redesigned and looks even more like RTM.
  • In "Properties for Sound Events", "Standard Events" has been renamed "Windows".

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Fonts are not properly displayed with the Cirrus Logic graphics adapter.

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