Distribution of Linux
Linspire 7 (based on Ubuntu 16.04)
Architectureamd64[a], i386 (formerly)[b]
Release typeFixed
Initial versionLindowsOS 0.91
Latest versionLinspire 12.0
Initial releaseAugust 2001
User interfaceKDE Plasma, GNOME, Xfce
Package managerapt
Based on
Xandros (formerly)

Linspire (originally known as LindowsOS or simply as Lindows) is an operating system based on Ubuntu which is currently owned by PC/Open Systems LLC as of 2024. It is an attempt similar to Corel Linux to put desktop Linux in the hands of the consumer. It can have a KDE Plasma, GNOME or Xfce desktop, along with several proprietary applications installed, it was intended to be easy to use and fully functional out of the box.

Its most notable feature was "Click-N-Run" (or "CNR" starting with Linspire 4.5), an application marketplace based on apt, which allowed the user to download and install applications quickly from the internet. While initially being subscription-based, it was made free to use in 2006. It was discontinued after Linspire switched to Ubuntu as its base.

It was renamed to "Linspire" in 2004 after Microsoft sued Linspire, Inc. two years earlier. Suddenly, the Lindows trademark was transferred to Microsoft, and Lindows decided to rename itself to Linspire.

It also has a derivate named Freespire.

The initial Linspire line was discontinued after Linspire, Inc. was acquired by Xandros in 2008, with it being replaced by the Xandros Linux distribution. After Xandros was in turn acquired by PC/Open Systems LLC in 2018, a new release of Linspire based on Xubuntu 16.04 was released.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Starting with version 7.
  2. Discontinued with version 7.