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KDE Plasma (successor of K Desktop Environment) is released on 11 January 2008. It is a Qt-based desktop environment created by the KDE community for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

Distributions that provide it as default GUI[edit | edit source]

Here provides a list of what distributions use it as a default/alternative desktop environment out of the box.

Since 2016, the KDE project also maintains KDE neon, its own Linux distribution based on the most recent Ubuntu LTS release.

Software[edit | edit source]

Here provides a list of what KDE Plasma installs out of the box.

  • Konqueror (Web Browser and File Manager)
  • Ark (Archive Manager)
  • Baloo (File Indexer)
  • Dolphin (File Manager)
  • Kate (Text Editor)
  • Konsole (Terminal)
  • KWin (Window manager and compositor, formerly KWM)
  • KDE Connect
  • Gwenview (Image Viewer)
  • Amarok (Audio Player)
  • KFM (File Manager, only present in KDE 1.x)
  • Firefox (Web Browser, Kubuntu and KDE neon only)
  • rekonq (Web Browser, not installed by default)
  • VLC media player (Media Player, Kubuntu and KDE neon only)
  • Microsoft Edge (Web Browser, LinuxFX and Linspire only)

Version history[edit | edit source]

  • K Desktop Environment 1
  • K Desktop Environment 2
  • K Desktop Environment 3.x
  • KDE Software Compilation 4
  • KDE Plasma 4
  • KDE Plasma 5
  • KDE Plasma 6

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