Windows Vista build 6002.16489

Build of Windows Vista
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Timebomb2010-04-01 (+554 days)
Works in
Business N
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Windows Vista build 6002.16489 is a Service Pack 2 beta build of Windows Vista. The English version of this build which was supposedly uploaded to the Chinese website BetaWorld on 24 October 2021,[1] but at the moment this cannot be confirmed or refuted as it is not publicly available. As of 2022, this build is available only in the German language.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

The installation media is not bootable due to missing bootcode. You must either upgrade from an earlier version of Windows or use a disc image editing tool to add boot information extracted from another build's media such as build 6001.18000.

Media Features[edit | edit source]

Due to this build only being shared in the Business N SKU, media features such as Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker are missing. They can be readded with the Media Feature Pack for Windows Vista SP1/SP2.

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