Windows Me build 2394

Build of Windows Me
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Timebomb2000-03-15 (+155 days)
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Windows Me build 2394 is a post-Beta 1 build of Windows Me. This is the earliest available build with a compressed IO.SYS file.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike the previous build, System Restore is now enabled by default.
  • Spider Solitaire, previously only available as part of Microsoft Plus! 98, is now included.
  • This is the earliest known build in which the boot menu of the startup disk identifies itself as Windows Millennium rather than Windows 98.

Neptune reference[edit | edit source]

A file named GEMSTAR.SYS, with the version number 5.50.5179.1 was found in this Millennium build, but it is highly unlikely that a Neptune build with such a bizarre build number would've ever been compiled.

Some speculate that 5179.1 is, in fact, the result of a typo or a bug and that 5079.1 is the actual intended build number, which also makes more sense when put into the Neptune and Millennium timeline. Build 5079.1 would've likely been part of the Milestone 1 stage. Judging by the file dates, it would have been compiled before 12 October 1999.

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