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Windows 98 build 1434 is a Developer Release of Windows 98, compiled on 1997-04-21. It was originally leaked by the warez group GLoW, and re-leaked to BetaArchive FTP by DiskingRound on 2014-08-27.[1]

Because the dates of 1434 and 1488 are so close, this strongly implies that Microsoft may have jumped build numbers at some point. This is a WinHEC and a COMDEX build because 1511 crashed. It was released on 1997-04-28 as an update to the WinHEC release (build 1423). This build has a new installer similar to the one in 1488.

Just like 1423, this build has no IE4 shell and can't find the files from the Memphis CD-ROM at the end. To fix this the files must be copied from the CD to a folder on the C: drive. It also introduces a new bug reporter, with a warning asking you if you are part of the Memphis beta program.

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