Windows 95 build 216

Build of Windows 95
OS family
Timebomb1995-03-31 (+155 days)
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Beta ID: 186349
Password: 94730fb34
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Windows 95 build 216 is the earliest available Beta 2 build of Windows 95, which was uploaded to BetaArchive in May 2010.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The "Background" tab in Display Properties received a minor update.
  • The boot screen now mentions "Beta 2".
  • Wastebasket has been renamed to "Recycle Bin".
  • Scandisk has been redesigned and now looks similar to the RTM version.
  • Start menu now uses a new banner.
  • Close, minimize/maximize and help buttons have been updated.
  • MS-DOS Prompt now reports the version as Microsoft® Windows 95.
  • winver has been redesigned to look like its RTM counterpart.
    • The copyright year in the About box has also been updated to 1995, despite being compiled in 1994. The Chicago reference has been replaced with Windows 95, and the "Enhanced Mode" reference has been removed.
  • EDIT.COM has been updated to version 0.9.020.
  • Beta Site ID and Password required to install Windows have been changed. Both are also used for later builds of Windows 95 until the requirement was dropped in build 311.

Timebomb[edit | edit source]

This is one of the first Windows builds to have a timebomb, which is activated by IO.SYS. Once activated, it will display a message saying that the pre-evaluation period has expired. Windows will immediately shut down and no longer boot until it is reinstalled with the correct BIOS date set, as IO.SYS patches itself to run on an infinite loop once the timebomb activates. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to disable time syncing with the host if using a VM, if available, or replace IO.SYS with the version from build 189 before boot.

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