Windows 3.0 undated 1989 build

Undated 1989 build
Build of Windows 3.0
Undated 1989 build
OS family
Architecturex86 16-bit
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An undated screenshot of what is presumed to be a pre-release build of Windows 3.0 was shown by Craig Brockschmidt, the developer of the Windows 3.0 Calculator application, running Calculator version 3.00.13 on his website.[1] Given that the calculator in build 55 has the version number of 3.00.16, this particular build is likely earlier than that.

A video of what is claimed to be build 48 and which clearly aims to replicate the build shown in Brockschmidt's screenshot was posted to YouTube in June 2020;[2] however, the legitimacy of the video has yet to be proven.

It is also the first known build to have the Program Manager.

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