Windows 3.0 build 48

Build of Windows 3.0
OS family
Architecturex86 16-bit
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3.00.48 About.png

A video claiming to show Windows 3.0 build 48 was posted to YouTube in June 2020.[1] It is apparent that the video aims to replicate the otherwise unidentified build shown by Craig Brockschmidt, the developer of the Windows 3.0 Calculator application, as it uses the same color scheme and wallpaper, and the version of Calculator matches the one in Brockschmidt's picture. Aside from the version numbers, copyright dates of various programs and the presence of the SDK Tools program group, the shown build appears otherwise identical to build 55.

MicroVideos, the publisher of the video, has neither shared the build nor responded to requests for it, and hasn't been active since the video was posted, placing this build's legitimacy into question.

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