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This infobox provides essential information on versions of Android.


Android 17.0
Version of Android
Preliminary nameAndroid Z
Latest buildZ999
Release date1990-01-01
Support end2100-12-31
Android 10.x
Replaced by

The following code will result in the infobox to the right side:

{{ Infobox Android version
 | name = Android 17.0
 | version = 17.0
 | releasedate = 1990-01-01
 | preliminary = Android Z
 | latestbuild =  Z999
 | support = 2100-12-31
 | replaces = [[Android 10.x]]
 | replaced-by = N/A


The marketing name for the particular Android release. Currently, this value must be provided or it will be blank.


This is the version number of the particular Android release.

codename, preliminary[edit]

Codenames and preliminary names for the particular Android release, if any. Please distinguish between a codename, which is only an internal term used to refer to the product, and a preliminary name, which is an official name that has been abandoned before the final release.


A listing of architectures supported by the particular Android release. Tends to be "Intel" and then a number for the processor architecture during the time of the version's release.


Link to the latest build of the particular Android release.


The original release date of the particular Android release, e.g. 2018-08-06 for Android 9.0. This can be set as a year/month if a complete date cannot be entered.


The end of support date for the particular Android release. This can be set as a year if a complete date cannot be entered. This can be set blank if the date is unknown.

replaces, replaced-by[edit]

Use this to link to the versions of Android that the particular release replaces or is replaced by.