Red Star OS

Red Star OS
Distribution of Linux
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Release type
Initial version1.0
Latest version4.0
Initial release2002
User interfaceK Desktop Environment (KDE) (versions 1-3)
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Red Star OS is a North Korean Linux distribution, intended as a complete replacement for Microsoft Windows. The operating system includes functionality that tracks and sends data of the user's actions to the North Korean government, as well as the ability to watermark media content on users' storage devices with a serial number, allowing authorities to track down individuals involved in the distribution of certain material. It is largely locked down - access to several core Linux modules are barred, even if the user is logged on with root privileges. Attempts to disable the built-in lockdown functionalities may either yield error messages or forced system reboots.

Versions 1 and 2 are based on Red Hat Linux, whereas version 3 is based on Fedora 11.

Version list[edit | edit source]

Client[edit | edit source]

Confirmed build 1.0
Confirmed build 1.1
Leaked build 2.0
Confirmed build 2.5
Leaked build 3.0
Confirmed build 4.0

Server[edit | edit source]