Red Star OS

Red Star OS
Distribution of Linux
Red Star OS 3.0-Desktop.png
Red Star OS 3.0 desktop
Release type
Initial version1.0
Latest version4.0
Initial release2002
User interfaceKDE
Package manager

Red Star OS is a North Korean Linux distribution. It is meant to act as a replacement to Microsoft Windows. Versions 1 and 2 are based on Red Hat Linux, while version 3 is based on Fedora 11. Early versions resembled Windows XP, and version 3 resembled Mac OS X. It was redesigned because of a 2013 photo of Kim Jong-un with an iMac at his desk, and he seemed to have liked the UI.

Version list[edit | edit source]

Client[edit | edit source]

Confirmed build 1.0
Confirmed build 1.1
Leaked build 2.0
Confirmed build 2.5
Leaked build 3.0
Confirmed build 4.0

Server[edit | edit source]