Microsoft Encarta

Microsoft Encarta
Encarta95 Main1.png
The Main screen of Encarta '95
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows
Supported platforms
Initial release version
Initial release date1993
Latest release version
Latest release date2008
Latest pre-release version
Latest pre-release date
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Microsoft Encarta is a digital encyclopedia program made by Microsoft. It was initially released on CD-ROM in 1993 and was also available on the Internet via an annual subscription on the Microsoft Network being identical to Encarta '95, but branded as "Intro Edition". It would be announced that the product be discontinued in June 2009,[1] while the online version, MSN Encarta, was discontinued in all regions on 31 October 2009, except for Encarta Japan, where it was discontinued two months later on 31 December 2009.[2]

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Name Release date Notes
Encarta (original release)[3] 1993 First edition of Encarta
Encarta 1994 Edition
Encarta '95 1994 Also available for Macintosh
Encarta 96 1995
  • First to introduce Encarta Atlas
  • First to transition into a 32-bit application
Encarta 97 1996 Last version to support Windows 3.1
Encarta 98 1997 First to have "Virtual Globe"
Encarta 99 1998 Introduced redesigned UI
Encarta 2000 1999 First to have "Map Treks" and last version to support Windows 95
Encarta 2001 2000 First to use Windows Installer as installer engine
Encarta 2002 2001
  • First to introduce 3D Virtual Tours
  • New logo
  • Renamed "Reference Suite" to "Reference Library"
Encarta 2003 2002
Encarta 2004 2003 Last version to support Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98 and Windows Me
Encarta 2005 2004 New logo
Encarta 2006 2005 Part of Microsoft Students
Encarta 2007 2006
Encarta 2008 2007
Encarta 2009 2008 Last release of Encarta

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