Encarta '95

Encarta95 Main1.png

Encarta '95 is a version of Microsoft Encarta. It is primarily focused on refreshing appearance and highlights.

This version introduces a new version of Mindmaze, updated Timeline, and new articles about the 1994 comet bombardment of Jupiter, the World Cup, and the Hubble Space Telescope. It has its own window decoration, resembling Windows 95, instead of using the system's appearance.

System requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Computer: Multimedia PC with 386SX or higher processor
  • Memory: 4 MB of RAM or higher
  • Hard Disk: 3.5 MB of free space
  • Display: VGA or higher, 256 colors (8-bit)
  • Operating System:
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible
  • CD-ROM drive (2x speed recommended)
  • Sound card with speakers or headphones

Mindmaze[edit | edit source]

This version includes a newer version of Mindmaze. Visuality occupying an northern part of a window, while the map, area of interest, answer buttons, level and progress displays in the southern part.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

The end of timeline

The Timeline was also updated to fit the look and feel of Encarta '95.

Articles[edit | edit source]

Categories became more compact, freeing the space of images.

Gallery[edit | edit source]