MS-DOS 1.28

MS-DOS 1.28
Version of MS-DOS
Release date1982-05
MS-DOS 1.27
Replaced by
MS-DOS 1.29

According to MS-DOS 2.11 source code, MS-DOS 1.28 is an unreleased internal version of MS-DOS. At this stage of development, it is already clear that the next major release of MS-DOS is version MS-DOS 2.00 and it will differ significantly from the previous MS-DOS 1.25 release.

Change log[edit | edit source]

1.28 04/15/82 DOS retructured to use ASSUMEs and PROC labels around system
              call entries.  Most CS relative references changed to SS
              relative with an eye toward putting a portion of the DOS in
              ROM.  DOS source also broken into header, data and code pieces
     04/15/82 GETDMA and GETVECT calls added as 24 and 32.  These calls
              return the current values.
     04/15/82 INDOS flag implemented for interrupt processing along with
              call to return flag location (call 29)
     04/15/82 Volume ID attribute added
     04/17/82 Changed ABORT return to user to a long ret from a long jump to
              avoid a CS relative reference.
     04/17/82 Put call to STATCHK in dispatcher to catch ^C more often
     04/20/82 Added INT int_upooler into loop ^S wait
     04/22/82 Dynamic disk I/O buffer allocation and call to manage them
              call 49.
     04/23/82 Added GETDSKPTDL as call 50, similar to GETFATPT(DL), returns
              address of DPB
     04/29/82 Mod to WRTDEV to look for ^C or ^S at console input when
              writting to console device via file I/O.  Added a console
              output attribute to devices.
     04/30/82 Call to en/dis able ^C check in dispatcher Call 51
     04/30/82 Code to allow assignment of func 1-12 to disk files as well
              as devices....  pipes, redirection now possible
     04/30/82 Expanded GETLIST call to 2.0 standard
     05/04/82 Change to INT int_fatal_abort callout int HARDERR.  DOS SS
              (data segment) stashed in ES, INT int_fatal_abort routines must
              preserve ES.  This mod so HARDERR can be ROMed.