MS-DOS 2.11

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MS-DOS 2.11
Version of MS-DOS
MS-DOS 2.11 First Boot.png
Release date1983-10
MS-DOS 2.10a
Replaced by
MS-DOS 2.11D

MS-DOS 2.11 is a popular version of MS-DOS and was released by a number of OEMs. In 2014, Microsoft for the first time published the source code of this version of MS-DOS.

The source code contains CHKDSK.COM, COMMAND.COM, DEBUG.COM, DISKCOPY.COM, EDLIN.COM, EXE2BIN.EXE, FC.EXE, FIND.EXE, FORMAT.COM, MORE.COM, MSDOS.SYS, PRINT.COM, RECOVER.COM, SORT.EXE, and SYS.COM. The OEMs were expected to supply their own FDISK.COM (if they wish to support hard drive), IO.SYS (for their own machine containing their own copyright strings), a more usable FORMAT.COM with a boot sector and any apps they wish to include (BACKUP, RESTORE and etc.). Some OEMs customized this version of MS-DOS to support 720KB 3.5" floppy drives.

Same as earlier versions of MS-DOS, the original non-OEM .COM binary files contain the string Ver x.xx (from HEADER DB "Vers x.xx" in the source code).

Interestingly, this version of MS-DOS's MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM reports the same version upon boot.