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Version of MS-DOS
Release date1983-03
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MS-DOS 2 is a family of versions of MS-DOS, initially released in 1983.

MS-DOS 2.00[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 2.00 was released in March 1983. It added support for subdirectories, hard drives with a capacity up to 10 MB, and new commands in COMMAND.COM.

MS-DOS 2.01[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 2.01 was released in November 1983. It added international support via the COUNTRY command from CONFIG.SYS, where the user can change the time, date and currency formats to suit the country where the user originates. This version also added support for over 7000 Japanese kanji characters.

Other releases[edit | edit source]

  • MS-DOS 2.01a is the Wang Professional Computer OEM of MS-DOS 2.01, released in 1983. It is sometimes branded as "MS-DOS 2.10a".
  • MS-DOS 2.05 is the DEC Rainbow OEM of MS-DOS 2.01, released in October 1983. It was distributed on a single sided high density 5.25" (400KB) disk. The DOS kernel (MSDOS.SYS) reports version 2.05, but it is simply the MS-DOS 2.01 kernel patched at offset 806 to report version 2.05. COMMAND.COM was also patched to report version 2.11 (originally version 2.10).

MS-DOS 2.02[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 2.02 was released in November 1983 as an OEM version for Compaq Plus computers only.[1] As of 2020, it remains unleaked.

MS-DOS 2.11[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 2.11

MS-DOS 2.11 was released in October 1983 by a number of OEMs. In 2014, Microsoft for the first time published the source code for this version.

Source code[edit | edit source]

Microsoft published the source code of:

  • FC.EXE
  • FORMAT.COM (partial)
  • IO.SYS (partial)

The OEMs were expected to supply their own FDISK.COM (if they wish to support hard drive), IO.SYS (for their own machine containing their own copyright strings), a more usable FORMAT.COM with a boot sector and any apps they wish to include (BACKUP, RESTORE and etc.). Some OEMs customized this version of MS-DOS to support 720KB 3.5" floppy drives.

Same as earlier versions of MS-DOS, the original non-OEM .COM binary files contain the string Ver x.xx (from HEADER DB "Vers x.xx" in the source code).

Interestingly, this version of MS-DOS's MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COM reports the same version upon boot.

Other releases[edit | edit source]

  • MS-DOS 2.11D is the Ericsson OEM of MS-DOS 2.11, released in 1985.
  • MS-DOS 2.11R is a version of MS-DOS 2.11 burned into a ROM chip onto the Tandy 1000 computer models.
  • MS-DOS/Z-DOS 2.13 is the Zenith Z-100 OEM of MS-DOS 2.11, released in 1984.
  • MS-DOS/Z-DOS 2.18 is the Zenith Z-100 OEM of MS-DOS 2.11, released in 1984.
  • MS-DOS/Z-DOS 2.21 is an upgrade for MS-DOS 2.13, released in 1984.

MS-DOS 2.25[edit | edit source]

MS-DOS 2.25 is the last version of the MS-DOS 2 family. It is unknown when exactly this version was released. Some speculations put the release date in October 1985.

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