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The boot screen of Windows XP build 2210; a giant "64" is spray-painted across the image to distinguish 64-bit ports from 32-bit releases

Windows XP build 2210 is an early build of Windows XP and the only available build of the 64-bit port of Windows NT to the DEC Alpha—an internal project which aimed to prepare the operating system to run natively on a 64-bit architecture before the Itanium processor design was finalized. It is distinct from prior DEC Alpha builds of Windows 2000 and earlier, which used a 32-bit application binary interface on the otherwise 64-bit processor, comparable to Linux's x32 ABI on AMD64 systems.

It is the earliest known preserved 64-bit build of Windows overall, predating server build 2462, the next available 64-bit build (although compiled for the Itanium and not the DEC Alpha), by a year.