Windows XP build 2502

Build of Windows XP
Compiled on2001-06-22
Expiration date
Timebomb2001-12-19 (+180 days)
Home Edition
Product key
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Windows XP build 2502 is a pre-RC1 build of Windows XP, which was released to testers on 29 June 2001.[1] This build is currently available only in the Professional SKU, while the Home Edition SKU is yet to be shared to public.

Screenshots of the Home Edition SKU were posted by Paul Thurrott and used in his review of Windows XP RC1.[2] The watermark on the Home Edition SKU notably still reads "Windows XP Personal" instead of Home Edition. Home Edition SKU also has its own SKU wallpaper, and it is currently the earliest known build to have the wallpaper.

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