Windows Vista build 6003

Build of Windows Vista
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.0
Build number6003
Build revision20489
Architecturex86, x64
Build labvistasp2_ldr_escrow
Compiled on2019-03-20
Home Basic (N)
Home Premium
Business (N)
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Windows Vista build 6003 refers to a range of post-release Windows Vista Service Pack 2 operating system updates which were first introduced as part of the KB4493471 update for Windows Server 2008, starting with operating system build 6.0.6003.20489 (vistasp2_ldr_escrow.190320-1700).

As minor revision numbers for Limited Distribution Release (LDR) updates are limited to a certain range of decimal values,[a] the company incremented the major build number by one and reset the revision to 20480 to prevent a decimal overflow, which would have possibly resulted in breakage towards internal Windows servicing mechanisms and within third-party applications. The build number change allows its server counterpart to be serviced for the remainder of its lifecycle while keeping the overall version number unique.[1]

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  1. (0x4000-0x5fff inclusive, or decimal 16384-24575; the version of the kernel in the previous month's update is 6.0.6002.24566 (vistasp2_ldr_escrow.190311-1800), where the minor revision number is 0x5ff6)

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