Windows Longhorn build 4039 (Lab06_n.030827-1717)

Build of Windows Longhorn
OS familyWindows NT
Version number6.0
Build number4039
Build labLab06_n
Compiled on2003-08-27
Expiration date
Timebomb2004-02-23 (+180 days)
Product key
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Windows Longhorn build 4039 (Lab06_n.030827-1717) is a Milestone 6 build of Windows Longhorn, which was shared online on 22 August 2007.[1]

NFO file[edit | edit source]

NFO contents

              _       _                        _     
 _ __ ___  ___(_)_ __ | |_ ___ _ __ _ __   __ _| |___ 
| '_ ` _ / __| | '_ | __/ _  '__| '_  / _` | / __|
| | | | | __  | | | | ||  __/ |  | | | | (_| | __ 
|_| |_| |_|___/_|_| |_|_____|_|  |_| |_|__,_|_|___/

===================Proudly Presents===================

|          Windows Code Name Longhorn 4039           |

Here's the full tag: 4039.0 (Lab06_n.030827-1717)
This build includes Phodeo and full DWM and glass.
Remember, folks, you got it here first. Note that 
MSI had no intention of leaking it, but it was
going to be leaked by the wrong people anyway.

|                    File Info                       |

                File Size : 641MB
                Bootable  : Yes
                Arch      : 32-bit i386
                Protection: A good idea.
|                Steps to Install                    |
1. Burn or mount using a program of your choice.
2. Set date back to August 27 2003.
3. Install using TCP8W-T8PQJ-WWRRH-QH76C-99FBW as key
4. Enjoy.

Greetz fly out to...

Ishan - You're the whole reason this got leaked. A
disgrace to the scene.

Setup[edit | edit source]

Setup is mostly similar to the earlier compilation of this build.

New features and changes[edit | edit source]

  • A new settings page called "Rules and Alerts" is now accessible via the "Rules..." item found in the "Options" menu of a notification. It is possible to create new rules that will apply to a "General Windows notification" containing specific words or phrases specified by the user themselves. For example, creating a new rule whose specific word is "activation" and then choosing the "Never show anything onscreen for these alerts" will stop showing the Windows activation notification.
  • A prototype of the Phodeo feature is included in this build.
  • A new Communication History shell folder is also implemented.

Hidden sidebar tiles[edit | edit source]

Five sidebar tiles, namely Conversation, Picture Copy Progress, Power, RMA Test Tile and Web Host Tile have a "Transient" property set to 1 in the registry, which makes them unselectable from the sidebar "Options" menu. By setting the aforementioned property to 0 it is possible to make them selectable just like other tiles. Simply create a .reg file out of the following text and import it into the registry:

 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Desktop Compositing Engine[edit | edit source]

For all its instabilities, although this build's Desktop Compositing Engine can render the DCE window frames, it tends to be extremely buggy easily after a while.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • Some copies of this build's installation media prevents it from booting due to a call to a non-existent index in the INSTALL.WIM by SETUPLDR.BIN. To install this build in this case, using a WinPE from a previous build is recommended. This bug persists until build 4050.
  • On some installs, once copying files has completed, setup will fail to create a boot.ini file. Although booting will still be possible, NTLDR will default to C:\WINDOWS.

Safe mode[edit | edit source]

By default, it is not possible to login while in Safe mode. Due to the login process change made in build 4032, the "User Profiles Service" and "Group Policy Service" are required to access the login page and perform the login process, respectively. Because these services are not configured by default to start within Safe mode, this results in logonui.exe showing the error "There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper" on the login screen and failing to show available users or allow a login. This issue persists until the next build.

However, the following can be added to a .reg file and imported to the registry to allow these services to start in Safe mode, and in turn allowing the user to login.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





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