Windows 98 build 1525 (1997-06-18)

4.10.1525 (1997-06-18)
Build of Windows 98
4.10.1525 (1997-06-18)
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Timebomb1997-11-01 (+136 days)
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Windows 98 build 1525 (1997-06-18) is a build of Windows 98. This is an earlier compile of the official Beta 1 release. It is similar to the aforementioned build except that it contains an older build of Internet Explorer and the Beta 1 string is missing in System Properties.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Windows Setup[edit | edit source]

  • Three icons have been swapped in the setup sidebar.
  • The sidebar explanation for the Emergency Startup Disk stage has been rewritten.
  • During the copying files process, the feature and enhancement showcase section has been updated.

Other changes[edit | edit source]

  • An updated Beta 1 boot screen has been introduced.
  • Windows now installs Windows Desktop Update by default.
  • The "helpdesk" web app received a redesign.
  • Memphis Release Notes and Memphis Beta Guide documents now mention the OS version as Beta 1.
  • Outlook Express received a slight interface update.
  • Address Book's build number has been updated to 0913.4.

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