Windows 95 build 1111

Build of Windows 95
OS familyWindows 9x
Version number4.00
Build number1111
Compiled on1996-08-24
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Windows 95 build 1111 is the official RTM build of Windows 95 OSR2, also known as "Windows 95B" and "build 950 B". This is the later compile of this build, made after the original one.

It includes several additions to Windows 95, such as MS-DOS 7.10, FAT32 support, Internet Explorer 3, Internet Mail and News, the rename of "Microsoft Exchange" to "Windows Messaging", DirectX and features which were previously only available in Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95, such as DriveSpace 3 (however with limited functionality). It was available in many languages and was released exclusively to OEMs on 30 August 1996.

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