MS-DOS 7.10

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MS-DOS 7.10
Version of MS-DOS
MS-DOS 7.10.png
MS-DOS 7.10 booting from drive C.
Release date1996
MS-DOS 7.00
Replaced by
MS-DOS 8.00

MS-DOS 7.10 is a version of MS-DOS. This version of MS-DOS includes FAT32 support and improved CD-ROM integration. It is included with Windows 95 OSR 2 and Windows 98.

MS-DOS 7.10 was never released as a standalone product but can be extracted from Windows 95 OSR 2 and Windows 98 without much effort. Older versions of Windows can run on MS-DOS 7.10 however there are problems.

There are minor changes between MS-DOS 7.10 from Windows 95 OSR 2 and Windows 98, mainly the branding.

This version of MS-DOS can be obtained officially by upgrading from Windows 98 Second Edition to Windows 2000 Professional. The directory MSDOS7 will be created with all MS-DOS 7.10 system files on the hard drive along with BOOT.DOS and BOOTSECT.DOS.