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Windows 2000 build 1580 is a pre-beta build of Windows 2000. The Workstation edition was mentioned on the Fate 319 warez CD list. It was found in another warez source and shared on BetaArchive on 31 March 2021.[1] This build's CD is not bootable, to install it use a DOS or Windows 9x bootdisk or upgrade from an earlier version.

New features[edit | edit source]

Setup features[edit | edit source]

  • The debug ACPI text in Text mode setup while loading files has been removed in this build.
  • Text mode setup is now able to detect more SCSI hardware in this build.
  • The EULA issue from build 1575 has now been fixed in this build.
  • GUI mode setup is now able to install Plug & Play devices before starting the setup wizard.
  • GUI mode setup now shows the list of devices it installed before the Setup Options page.
  • GUI mode setup has a new page, before the Name and Organization page asking the user to confirm regional settings.

Control Panel additions[edit | edit source]

  • The Console Control Panel applet has been removed in this build from Control Panel.
  • The Fax Control applet has been added to Control Panel in this build.
  • A sound option for Incoming Fax has been added in this build.

Shell features[edit | edit source]

  • A new Active Desktop sub menu has been added to the context menu for the Desktop.

Display Properties changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Plus! tab in Display Properties has been renamed to Icons. Alongside this change, options for "Show window contents while dragging", "Smooth edges of screen fonts" and "Stretch desktop wallpaper to fit the screen" were removed.
  • The Color Management tab in Display Properties has been slightly redesigned to make better use of available dialog space.
  • The Channels tab in Display Properties has been renamed back to Web.

Bugs and quirks[edit | edit source]

  • Most Accessories shortcuts are gone in this build, although most applications are still present and can be launched using the Run command.
  • The MSMINCHO.TTC file is corrupted in the installation media.

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