Windows 2.0 April 1987 build

April 1987 build
Build of Windows 2.x
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number2.00
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1987-04

The Windows 2.0 April 1987 build is the earliest known build of Windows 2.x, shown in the May 1987 issue of the Microsoft Systems Journal magazine.

The user interface now features overlapping windows alongside new window controls, but still retains the default color scheme from Windows 1.0. One screenshot displays a date of 20 April 1987 inside the Calendar program, meaning it was likely compiled on or before that date. The magazine also shows a screenshot which displays "This is Windows 2.00" in Write when demonstrating a comparison with Windows 1.04, as well as comparing Calendar from the two versions. The proportional system font is not used yet in this build. The core system files are still named WIN100.BIN and WIN100.OVL like in Windows 1.0.

A very similar-looking build was also shown in the 6 April[1] and 25 May 1987[2] issues of InfoWorld magazine.

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