Windows 2.02

Build of Windows 2.x
Excel for Windows 2.0 shown running on the bundled Windows 2.02 runtime
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number2.02
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1987-10-31

Windows 2.02 is a version of Windows 2.0 that is bundled as a runtime with Excel for Windows 2.0.[1] The Excel runtime version is likely dated 31 October 1987 and only includes the core components (Kernel, GDI, User). It is unknown whether this version was either sold in retail or shipped to OEMs.

Ed Fries, who worked on the Excel team at the time, mentioned in an interview that Excel 2.0 shipped on time while the Windows 2.0 ship date had to be delayed:

We ultimately, we ship on our original date. Windows was late, of course. So we ended up shipping with a runtime version of Windows. So that when Excel 2.0 shipped, it came with a version of Windows packaged around it, so it would boot into Windows, just to run that one program, and then it would quit back out.

— Ed Fries[2]

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