Windows 1.0 Development Release 4

Development Release #4
Build of Windows 1.0
Screenshot of MS-DOS Executive from the Users' Guide
Release nameDevelopment Release #4
OS family16-bit Windows
Version number1.00
Architecturex86 16-bit
Compiled on1984-08-31

Windows 1.0 Development Release #4 was the fourth release in a series of development releases of Windows 1.0, which was compiled on 31 August 1984, with several hundred copies[1] being distributed to developers in the following weeks. Photos of this build's installation media and release notes were posted by BetaArchive member Allosgroup in July 2021 together with the inventory list, release notes and directory listing of the disks.[2] Similarly to the next release from October, it comes on three 360k disks.

According to the available release notes, this release added support for cooperative multitasking, the ability to paint filled ellipses and rectangles among other GDI improvements, and Atom functionality. It also introduced a new resource compiler (RC.EXE) along with changes to the resource script syntax.

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