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Windows Server 2008 build 4066 is a pre-reset build of Windows Server 2008, which was originally described by Grabberslasher in his UX.Unleaked blog on 1 May 2008, where it was shortly uploaded by the end of the year. It is currently the last available build of Windows Server 2008 compiled in the pre-reset codebase.

This build reimplements most of the features that were originally stripped off during the transition towards the Slate interface, and introduces many features and Desktop Window Manager improvements that were demonstrated earlier on the build 4050 showcase and became widely available in build 4074. Aero resources are also included, although they cannot be normally used.
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(ported from a test wiki of mines)

Here is a list of critical Windows processes that you will see on Windows NT systems. These processes more than often cannot be killed via Task Manager (unless on Vista or later). If the process's watcher is not terminated, the results listed will occur.

Credit to this blog from Mark Russinovich for the info.

  • winlogon.exe: Deals with Windows login sessions, watches lsass.exe and services.exe. Run when booting; when terminated:
    • XP: BSOD
    • Vista and up: Log off
  • smss.exe: Session manager. Watches winlogon.exe, which if not terminated first, causes BSOD. Run when logging in, when terminated:
    • XP: Does nothing
    • Vista and up: BSOD
  • csrss.exe: Client Server Runtime Subsystem. OS runs on top of this. Run when booting; when terminated, cause BSOD (STOP 0x0F4).
  • lsass.exe: Local Security Authority Subsystem Service. Verifies user logins and allows password changes. Run when logging in; when terminated, reboot computer after 1 minute.
  • services.exe: Service Control Manager. Controls all Windows services. Run when booting; when terminated, reboot computer after 1 minute.
  • explorer.exe: Windows Explorer. Holds the main interface. Run when logging in; when terminated, gets rid of Taskbar, all Window Explorer processes, and desktop icons. On Windows 8 and up, also removes background. Usually reopens if it is terminated in any way except by terminating it manually.
  • svchost.exe: Service Host. Holds user's themes. On Windows Vista and up, many instances of this process will run and they will usually relaunch if terminated. Run when booting; when terminated:
    • XP: Revert theme to lowest default
    • Vista and up: Does nothing
  • System: Holds system threads. Cannot be terminated.
  • System Idle Process: Not a real process, tracks time no thread was running. Cannot be terminated.
  • DCOM Server Process Launcher: Helps communicate the system with applications, if terminated:
    • Windows XP-7: Reboot computer after 1 minute
    • Windows 8-10: BSOD