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Mac OS X Developer Preview 3
Mac OS X Developer Preview 3 is the third Developer Preview of Mac OS X Public Beta. This build was first demonstrated at the Mac OS X introduction on 2000-01 in MacWorld 2000 and in MacWorld Expo 2000 in Tokyo on 2000-02-16.

This Developer Preview, compiled on 2000-01-31, is notable for major interface overhauls; most notably the debut of the Aqua theme. In addition, a prototype version of the Dock is included, which was implemented to help users switch to other programs that are running. Other changes includes new icons that revolves around on skeuomorphism and additional changes to the upper menu bar.
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Mac OS table

Mac OS X / macOS

Name OS Version Darwin version Code name Release date Support end date Notes
Mac OS X Server 1.x N/A Rhapsody 5.3 - 5.6 Rhapsody 1999-03-16 2001-03-24 First public release of OS X without the Aqua interface
Mac OS X Public Beta N/A 1.2.1 Kodiak 2000-09-13 2001-03-24 First version to include the Aqua interface


Thanks to Foxlet for writing this!
Screenshots should be "clean" (no extraneous borders outside the video area) and scaled to their true size. If possible, use the Windows screenshot feature (Print Screen key, Snipping Tool) to take pictures of the desktop, or use the screenshot feature if using a hypervisor/emulator. For "Full Screen" shots, if a cursor is present, it should be isolated in a corner of the background if possible (to show unique features of the cursor). All screenshots should be lossless (JPEG is not acceptable and non-animated GIF is not recommended, unless the respective build is unleaked and the only available screenshots are in JPEG or GIF).

Article Screenshots

The desktop shouldn't be visible in application screenshots.

Each main article usually requires three components: the Desktop, the About window, and (sometimes) the Logo. In most cases, a build article only needs the first two. "Full Screen" shots (such as for the Desktop and Start Menu) should be 1024x768 in 16-bit color at minimum, unless the subject in question does not support such a video mode (for example, 1024x768 in 256 colors is fine for Windows 3.1 and early Windows 95 builds). Screenshots must not use themes, wallpapers, or other graphics that are not included with the particular operating system or application build, even if they are "Demo" screenshots. The default look and feel should be used for most screenshots; any personalization options can be reasonably demonstrated in a "Demo" screenshot in the Gallery.

Desktop shots should be void of any extra windows, it should represent the state of the system when it is completely idle without any running programs. In the case that the OS shows a tool or special graphic (such as a welcome screen) on boot, that is known as a "First Boot" shot, and is separate from the Desktop shot.

Each article also contains a Gallery, where other associated shots are contained. Additional full screen shots belong here, such as the "Demo" (which shows off particularly unique features of a build). The remaining shots are usually those of programs unique to a build. Those shots should be cropped to the size of the program's window (including transparency and window shadows if such effects are present). Child windows (if any) should be visible in their full area. The screenshots should be free of any watermarks, unless the respective build is unleaked and the only available screenshots are watermarked. Article screenshots should not be annotated in Paint or any other image editor, again the only exception is if there's no other screenshot available and the build is unleaked.


  • Apparently MS Plus! Digital Media Edition installs on Longhorn builds. Tested on build 3713 and build 4015, they both install (images of 4015 running it can be seen in my demo image gallery). MS Plus! XP crashes loading setup though.

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