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BetaWiki user for over two years.



Note: Unless noted, all computers are x64.



  • Computer: Dell Latitude
  • OS: Windows 10 April 2019 Update
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Emulator: PCem, QEMU


  • Install all Windows 95 builds
    • Install all OSR builds
  • Install all Windows 98 builds
    • Install all SE builds
  • Install all 2000 SP builds
  • Install all ME builds
  • Install all XP builds
    • Install the SP builds
  • Install all Server 2003 builds
    • Install the SP builds
    • Install the R2 builds
  • Install all Longhorn builds
  • Install Longhorn Server 4028
  • Install all post-reset Vista and Server 2008 builds
    • Install the SP builds
  • Install all Server 2008 R2 builds
  • Install all Windows 8 builds
  • Install all Server 2012 builds
  • Install all Windows 10 and Server 2016 builds
    • Install November Update and Server Technical Preview 3-4 builds.
    • Note: I have no plans of doing Anniversary Update or Server TP5 or later builds.
  • Try out Ubuntu builds
  • Get all versions of Internet Explorer running
  • Clean up the old naming scheme (all old pages redirects to new name)
  • Clean up the old BIOS dates
  • Prepare infoboxes for macOS and OS/2
  • Install OS/2 builds
  • Install Linux distributions
    • Fedora versions
    • Debian versions
  • Get Aero images of Windows Vista and 7 builds
  • Update a lot of the pages for new Windows Longhorn builds as they release
  • Add more information about the features in early Whistler builds (probably up to 2462).
  • Remove/replace low quality images on articles (those in Category:Bad screenshots)

Favorite builds


Mac OS

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