Ubuntu 5.04

Ubuntu 5.04
Version of Ubuntu
CodenameHoary Hedgehog
Architecturei386, amd64, PPC
Kernel version
Latest build
Release date8 April 2005
Support end31 October 2006
User interfaceGNOME
Package manager
Ubuntu 4.10
Replaced by
Ubuntu 5.10

Ubuntu 5.04 is the second version of Ubuntu released on 8 April 2005. Beginning with this version, the live CD is also available for the amd64 and PowerPC architectures. There is also a combined install/live DVD.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • On QEMU, booting from the installation media fails due to a kernel panic where IO-APIC and timer are not syncing if the processor is set to pentium or newer. You will need to set the processor to 486 in order to install Ubuntu, although this will cause installation to take a long time. This bug persists all the way up to Ubuntu 5.10, as it has been fixed in Ubuntu 6.06.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

2005-01-29 Beta[edit | edit source]