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This infobox provides essential information on versions of macOS.

Usage[edit source]

Mac OS X 17.32
Version of Mac OS X
CodenameBetta Fish
Preliminary namemacOS X 1732
ArchitecturePPC, x64
Latest build9.0b5
Release date2099-12-31
Support end2199-12-31
Based on
Mac OS X Public Beta
Mac OS 8
Replaced by
Mac OS X 10.14

The following code will result in the infobox to the right side:

{{ Infobox macOS version
 | name = Mac OS X 17.32
 | macos = Mac OS X
 | version = 17.32
 | codename = Betta Fish
 | preliminary = macOS X 1732
 | arch = PPC, x64
 | latestbuild = [[Mac OS 9 build 9.0b5|9.0b5]]
 | releasedate = 2099-12-31
 | support = 2199-12-31
 | sku = Desktop<br>Server
 | based-on = [[Mac OS X Public Beta]]
 | replaces = [[Mac OS 8]]
 | replaced-by = [[macOS Mojave|Mac OS X 10.14]]

name[edit source]

The marketing name for the particular macOS release. Currently, this value must be provided or it will be blank.

macos[edit source]

This changes the link name to correspond with the version during the time of build release. For example, Macintosh System Software is to be used for versions 1.x-6.x, and Mac OS X is to be used for earlier Mac OS X/macOS versions.

version[edit source]

This is the version number of the particular macOS release.

codename, preliminary[edit source]

Codenames and preliminary names for the particular macOS release, if any. Please distinguish between a codename, which is only an internal term used to refer to the product (i.e. Puma) and a preliminary name, which is an official name that has been abandoned before the final release.

arch[edit source]

A listing of architectures supported by the particular macOS release. Tends to be one or more of the following:

  • 68k
  • PPC
  • x86
  • x64

latestbuild[edit source]

Link to the latest build of the particular macOS release.

releasedate[edit source]

The original release date of the particular macOS release, e.g. 2009-08-28 for Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

support[edit source]

The end of support date for the particular macOS release. This can be set as a year if a complete date cannot be entered.

sku[edit source]

List of the SKUs/editions that the particular macOS release was officially available in, separated by <br> tags. Can be left blank for earlier versions.

based-on, replaces, replaced-by[edit source]

Use this to link to the versions of macOS that the particular release is based on, replaces or is replaced by. If this applies only to a specific SKU of that version, the link should mention the SKU in question, e.g. Mac OS X Server 1.0.

based-on should be used in cases the particular macOS release builds upon another version to provide some specific functionality.