Distribution of Linux
SteamOS Debian8 desktop.png
UI of Steam OS 2.3
Release type
Initial version
Latest version3.5.7
Initial release
User interfaceGNOME (Version 2.x)
KDE Plasma (Version 3.0)
Package manager
Based on
Debian 8.0 (Version 1.0-2.3)
Arch Linux (Version 3.0-present)
Discontinued (2.x)
Active (3.0)

SteamOS is the primary operating system for the Steam Machine gaming platform and Steam Deck hybrid video game console by Valve.

The initial version of SteamOS, including 1.0 and 2.0 were based on Debian 8.0. In July 2021, Valve announced the Steam Deck, a hybrid video game console running SteamOS 3.0, which is a Arch Linux distribution with a KDE Plasma 5 desktop.

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Version 2.3 (Debian-based)[edit | edit source]