Not to be confused with HarmonyOS, which is based on AOSP; or HarmonyOS NEXT, which only runs HarmonyOS apps.

Distribution of Linux
Ohos logo.png
Architecturex86_64, arm64
Release type
Initial version
Latest versionOpenHarmony 4
Initial release10 September 2020
User interface
Package manager

OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation and operated by the OpenHarmony Project Group Working Committee of the OpenAtom Open Source Foundation. It is an operating system that is "all-encompassing, new-generation, open-source, and open".

Support[edit | edit source]

  • OpenHarmony 1.x supports smartphones up to 128MB RAM,
  • 2.x supports smartphones up to 4GB RAM,
  • 3.x supports more devices up to more than 4GB RAM

Timeline[edit | edit source]

Name Release Date
OpenHarmony 1.x 10 September 2020
OpenHarmony 2.x 1 June 2021
OpenHarmony 3.x 30 September 2021
OpenHarmony 4.x 26 October 2023